XXVII Międzynarodowe

Start: 13.05.2020 10:00
Koniec: 15.05.2020 14:00

Venue Address:
Ignacego Prądzyńskiego 12/14

01-222 Warszawa

Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels:
ul. Słomińskiego 19 lok. 521,
00-195 Warszawa
tel. +48 22 637 50 77
Email: targi(at)paliwa.pl
Department of Trade Fair:

Adrian Ćwikliński
tel. +48 22 637 50 77 wew. 119
kom: +48 731 838 351

Bożena Runowska
tel. +48 22 637 50 77 wew. 105
kom: +48 720 832 004

Konkurs "Produkt Roku"
Katarzyna Tomczak
tel. +48 22 637 50 77 wew. 117
kom: +48 504 144 155

The PETROL STATION Fair in a nutshell

Over 25 years the Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels has been taking care of Polish fuel market and helps it to thrive. Dynamic development, new products and solutions for the whole branch need platform for their presentation. For that purpose the Chamber organizes the International Trade Fair PETROL STATION that has established itself permanently as one of the crucial branch event in the region. The PETROL STATION Fair is the platform for exchanging information, know-how, business networking and showcasing products, services and innovations for following sectors: fuels, petrochemical, energy, petrol stations (petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG, LNG), car washes, service centers, tank trucks, logistic, furnishings for convenience shops and bars.


It's a great oppurtunity for your company to:

  • Reinforce your position on the market
  • Establish new business conatcts in Poland and neighbour countries
  • Showcase your products and novelties to the industry and customers
  • Research Polish market in direct conversations
  • Strenghten existed business relations with your partners in Central Eastern Europe
  • Reach decisive persons from wide range of related industries
  • Build your compnay image as earnest, strong and reliable business partner


Scope of interest:

  • Petrol Stations – construction, design, modernization, infrastructure and equipement
  • Car washes - self-service, automated, tunnel, high-pressure, steam cleaners
  • Bar & restaurant
  • Convenience store
  • Services for petrol stations and car washes – furnishings, advertisement, outer signage
  • Logistic and transport
  • Tank trucks
  • Liquid fuels
  • IT & software