XXVII Międzynarodowe

Start: 13.05.2020 10:00
Koniec: 15.05.2020 14:00

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Górtech – a diatomite absorbent with excellent absorption properties as a response to the needs of industry and rescue services

Diatomite Absorbent Górtech Company


The largest Poland’s diatomite deposits were discovered near Bircza and come from the Leszczawka deposit.  In its north part, in Jawornik Ruski is the mine and the diatomite processing plant and the production facility of DIATO, the only 100% Polish diatomite available on the market. What is important, the Jawornik deposit is considered as having the best quality diatomite in Poland. This Polish diatomite granulate is a very effective and easy to use product, proven during many years of practical use. DIATO is also the also the definitely the least expensive product from those available on the Polish market. It is used mainly to remove spills of petroleum-derived products (oils, petrol, diesel fuel, grease, coolants). It is used in factory shops, in filling stations, in fuel depots, in garages, and also on the streets and rail tracks. DIATO has a developed, porous structure. It is not harmful to health and the environment as confirmed by its absence on the list of substances hazardous to health or life (Appendix 1 and 2 to the Regulation of the Minster of Health and Social Care (Journal of Laws 105 of 10.09.1997, item 671). 


What makes it so good? As a result of thermal treatment and optimum grain size, DIATO has four times higher absorption potential. In practice, it means that 1 ton of DIATO absorbs 270 l of oil, 300 l of generally used mineral oils, and 400 l of oil-based coolants.

The other unquestionable advantage of this material is the fact that the used DIATO diatomite granulate is not dangerous and not hazardous to the environment. It has been qualified to the waste group: “absorbents, filter materials, wiping cloths and protective clothing …” which in practice means that it can be used without limitations, and stored in municipal and industrial landfills without the need of further complicated disposal. 

Source: http://diato.pl/ 

Source: Krzysztof Smoroń- prezes firmy DIATO