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True Italian Focaccia submitted by bp

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BP EUROPA SE’s True Italian Focaccia product line (Linia produktów Prawdziwa Włoska Focaccia firmy BP EUROPA SE) – bp – among the award winners in the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2023 Contest.

Focaccia received the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2023 statuette and the People’s Choice Award.

Original Italian Focaccia is a line of products prepared in Wild Bean Cafe food corners at bp stations in Poland in cooperation with Robert Makłowicz. The offer is aimed at a growing group of station customers looking for Real Good Food, based on authentic high quality components, which can be prepared and served quickly. The line, called Original Italian Focaccia, includes 4 variants of truly Italian delicacies: Focaccia Salame Picante, Focaccia Caprese, Focaccia Chicken Balsamico, Focaccia Tuna with Jalapeno. All variants are based on original Italian bread with olive oil and Italian herbs, original Italian pesto, Galbani mozzarella, Monini balsamic dressing as well as Italian spianata matured meats.