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“EKO niezbędnik kierowcy” submitted by Love Nature

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“EKO niezbędnik kierowcy” (EKO driver’s essentials) – a set of disposable dishes by Love Nature sp. z o.o. – among those awarded in the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2023 Contest.

The set received the 2nd PCLF Board Award.

The “EKO driver’s essentials” set is the ideal solution for people who value ecological and compostable products. The set includes plates and bowls made of sugar cane pulp, which will allow you to eat pleasantly and comfortably while traveling. In addition, paper cups will provide the driver with delicious coffee or tea, and wooden cutlery will enable hassle-free eating. All the products in the set are made of eco-friendly materials and are environmentally friendly. All products are compostable – after use, they can be safely put away in a composter, where they will biodegrade.