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Graffico – exhibitor at the Fair PETROL STATION 2023

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Centrum Reklamy GRAFFICO Jarosław Włodarczyk – reklamy do nieba has been operating for over 30 years. First Graffico was born, then Ławangarda, Art Blanche and soon Tatamaran. All these brands are united by a love of design, art, aesthetics, technology, quality, creating, connecting, staying ahead of trends. GRAFFICO designs, manufactures, creates: welcome signs and advertising poles up to 60m in height; branding and rebranding of gas stations along with the construction of carports; elements of advertising identity and advertising-related products supporting sales and image of the chain companies; prototypes (art solutions, technology and production) such as GlassVegas whiskomat, touchless, rotating elephant, city lights on remote control, interactive carport, Ł delightful form and singing birds, instagram zones.