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XIX International Trade Fair PETROL STATION 2012, 23-25 May 2012 – summary

It was the largest fair in its 19-year history: over 11 thousand sq.m. of exhibition space, more than 150 exhibitors and few thousands visitors.


Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels (PIPP) has held International Trade Fair PETROL STATION for 19th time. The event is considered the eldest and the most important trade fair for fuel branch in Poland. Exhibition part was accompanied by: a series of lectures “Academy for petrol station operators”, IV debate for owners of petrol stations “Is operation of a petrol station a profitable business? – perspectives for entrepreneurs”, meeting for member companies of Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels “The future of member companies of Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels in relation to changes on fuel market, customers’ profile and legal regulations”, meeting of the distributors of diesel oil intended for heating purpose “Revolution in the statements of purchasers of diesel oil or another unfulfilled hopes?” and Forum „Market  for conventional and alternative fuels in Poland – development or stagnation ?”. As usual, on PIPP stand visitors had a possibility to meet invited branch experts and members of the Board of PIPP who shared their knowledge and support with their branch colleagues.


The official opening was made by the members of parliament: Iwona Maria Kozłowska, Marek Matuszewski and Waldemar Andzel, as well as Paweł Lisowski – President of Lotos Paliwa and Halina Pupacz – President of Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels. The idea of “Petrol Station Trade Fair was presented by Mrs Halina Pupacz in her opening speech: The fair is an excellent opportunity to promote the brand, to establish business contacts and to integrate fuel branch, which is so much needed in this difficult period of time. The event is still growing and providing new opportunities for exhibitors – it paves the way for new fields of development for operators of petrol stations, fuel depots, accompanying sevices, transport companies etc. After all, nowadays petrol stations mean not only trade in fuels – they are as well convenience stores, restaurants, places of leisure and relaxation and accomodation. With customer’s expectations being so high, operators of petrol stations, apart from broadened knowledge within the law changes, have to be familiarized with the current trends in such branches as additional services, equipment and interior design, car washes.


This year edition of the fair has been held for the first time in the Trade Fair and Congress Centre MT Polska in Warsaw, Marsa str. 56 c. It was the largest fair in its 19-year history: over 11 thousand sq.m. of exhibition space – 5 thousand sq.m. of booth exhibition space and 6 thousand sq.m. of open area. The event was attended by over 150 participants from domestic and international companies and few thousands visitors. Exhibitors and visitors praised the new site: modern and spacious hall, open space area arranged deliberately and competent service.


Effectively designed stands attracted attention, as well as original promotional leaflets and a collection of gimmicks from exhibitors.


As every year, Competition Committee, including fuel branch experts and representatives of state administration, chose the best products in PRODUCT OF THE YEAR competition and awarded the winners – the companies presenting the most innovative technical solutions on the Polish market within last 12 months – with prestigeous  statuettes.


Honurary patronage over XIX International Trade Fair PETROL STATION 2012 was provided by: Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Treasury, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Office of Technical Inspection, Transportation Technical Supervision, Central Office of Measures, Energy Regulatory Office, The Material Reserves Agency, Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish Chamber of Biofuels, Polish Chamber of Liquid Gas, National Automotive Institute, Polish Organisation of Oil Industry and Trade, The Polish Committee for Standardization,  UPEI (Union Pétrolière Européenne Indépendante), ECFD (European Conference of Fuel Distributors) EUROFUEL and SCS (Společenství čerpacích stanic ČR).


The number of participants and visitors, as well as the commitment in representation of companies prove that PETROL STATION Trade Fair is a popular and recognized event organized by PIPP. This year edition of the event presented the current situation of fuel branch and fuel-related sectors, latest trends and competition of companies within particular branch sectors. We believe that Your visit to the fair will result in a number of profitable business contracts, and that You will take advantage of the knowledge gained during the lectures and conferences.


See You all next year, at “round” – XX  International Trade Fair PETROL STATION 2013!

Thank you for your cooperation this year! 
You can see photo release from previous edition 2012 below!