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Regulations for Visitors to the International Fair PETROL STATION

§1 Admission rules

1. The International Fair PETROL STATION shall be held at the EXPO XXI Warsaw, 12/14 Prądzyńskiego Street, (01-222) Warsaw, hereinafter referred to as the “Fair”.
2. The organizer of the Fair is the Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels with its seat in Warsaw, 19 Słomińskiego Street, loc. 521, (00-195) Warsaw, hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”.
3. The date of the Fair is a movable date. The opening hours of the Fair:
– Wednesday from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m,
– Thursday from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m,
– Friday from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm.
4. Visitors are allowed in the Fair area only during the opening hours.
5. Admission to the Fair is free of charge.
6. In order to enter the Fairgrounds, visitors must report to the visitor registration desk (main hall) and fill out a registration form or register ONLINE through the registration form available at
7. Visitors are also those attending the Fair by special invitation of the Organizer.
8. A properly completed form includes the visitor’s data, his/her consent to data processing and signature.
9. A properly completed registration form is the basis for receiving a badge allowing entry to the Fairgrounds.
10. The badge authorizes the visitor to enter the Fairgrounds and move around the Fairgrounds. The visitor is not entitled to transfer the badge to a third party or another visitor.
11. The Organizer reserves the right to deny the right of entry to persons who are in the state of alcoholic intoxication and/or drug intoxication and who attempt to bring into the Fairgrounds substances or objects indicated in § 3 item 8 of these Regulations.

§2 Protection of personal data

1. The administrator of the personal data of a Visitor is the Organizer of the Fair PETROL STATION – Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels with its seat in Warsaw (00-195), 19 Słomińskiego Street, loc. 521, registered in the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000120987.
2. In connection with the submission of an application related to the participation in the FUEL STATION Fair as a Visitor, the Visitor agrees to store and use for the needs of PIPP his/her personal data included in the application form in accordance with the Act of 10.05.2018 on the Protection of Personal Data, and agrees to use this data to inform him/her about exhibitions, conferences, congresses and other events organized by PIPP and for purposes related to the organization and conduct of these events. The visitor has been informed of the right to inspect and correct his data and to request its deletion.
3. The visitor realizes that the provision of data is voluntary, and the basis for this processing is the visitor’s consent.
4. By filling in the registration form, the Visitor agrees to the processing of his personal data by the Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels for the purposes mentioned in § 2 item 7 of these Regulations.
5. Granting consent is voluntary, but at the same time it is necessary to receive commercial information and further cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels.
6. The visitor realizes that he/she has the right to withdraw consent at any time.
7. Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels cares about the security of the data and uses it only for the purposes of its business – among others, to send information such as: newsletters/alerts/important information on the fuel market, marketing and commercial information, information on trainings, conferences, meetings and Fairs PETROL STATION organized by PCLF.
8. The Visitor’s personal data shall be processed until the performance of services related to the purposes indicated in § 2 item 7 of these Regulations – at the latest until the withdrawal of consent. The withdrawal can be made by sending an email to:
9. The visitor has the right to request from the administrator access to his/her personal data, their rectification, deletion or restriction of processing (about the right to data portability, if any), as well as the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority.
10. To learn more about the data protection policy and any rights you have, please refer to the “Personal Data Protection Policy at PIPP” available at or
11. For matters concerning personal data, the Administrator can be contacted at the following email address:

§3 Rules of order

1. Visitors may not photograph, film or make drawings of the Fair as a whole or of individual stands and exhibits, for commercial or marketing purposes.
2. Photographing, filming and making drawings of individual stands and exhibits of participants/exhibitors of the Fair also requires the prior consent of such participants/exhibitors of the Fair.
3. Visitors may not, without the prior consent of the Fair Organizer, conduct any commercial, advertising, marketing, promotional, canvassing activities on the Fairgrounds, or conduct any canvassing, competitions, surveys or research activities among visitors and exhibitors, as well as any activities of a social or public nature, in particular, such as collecting money or signatures.
4. It is forbidden to undertake or carry out any activities contrary to the applicable legal order or rules of social coexistence.
5. Each Visitor is obliged to abide by the Regulations of EXPO XXI WARSAW available, among others, in the Organizer’s Office.
6. The Visitor is obliged to comply with the orders and regulations of the Organizer or other authorized entities issued for organizational purposes, order, ensuring the safety of other Exhibition participants and/or property protection.
7. Visitors are obliged to respect the Organizer’s markings concerning pedestrian and road traffic in the Fairgrounds, availability to visitors of the various areas of the Fair, including areas separated from traffic subject to fire protection.
8. Visitors are required to observe the prohibition of:
a) to bring and use weapons, dangerous tools, ammunition and pyrotechnic and explosives on the territory of the Fair;
b) to bring and use dangerous materials and chemical substances, as well as dangerous mechanical devices, which may pose a threat to property or the health and life of persons;
c) use of open fire, equipment, materials and substances that may constitute a fire hazard;
d) to bring, distribute and consume alcohol outside the places designated by the Organizer for this purpose;
e) smoking of tobacco products outside the places designated for that purpose by the Organizer;
e) bringing in, distributing, consuming, taking intoxicants, especially narcotics;
f) destruction of property and infrastructure of the Organizer, exhibitors or other participants of the Fair, as well as pollution of the Fair area;
g) to bring in and use without the consent of the Organizer means of transportation, such as, in particular, strollers, bicycles, motor vehicles, with the exception of wheelchairs and similar devices;
h) to bring animals into the Fair area;
i) behavior that threatens the safety of the installation, in particular, climbing on the elements of the arrangement or leaning on the elements of the development;
j) disturbing the order and/or course of the Fair, in particular through aggressive, indecent, vulgar or loud behavior.
9. Visitors who do not comply with the prohibitions indicated in § 3 item 8 of these Regulations, and in particular who are in a state of alcohol and/or drug intoxication, will be asked to leave the Fairgrounds. The Organizer reserves the right, in justified cases, to immediately escort such a visitor out of the Fairgrounds and notify the appropriate law enforcement authorities.
10. Notwithstanding § 3 item 9, a Visitor who violates the provisions of these Regulations shall be obliged to repair the damage caused to the Organizer or third parties, in particular the participants in the Exhibition. The Visitor shall be obliged to remove the consequences of his/her violation, including incurring the costs of removing the direct or indirect consequences of behavior contrary to these Regulations.

§ 4 Recording the course of the Exhibition

1. The Visitor acknowledges that the course of the Fair may be recorded by the Organizer or other authorized entities by means of image and/or sound recording devices.
2. In connection with § 4 item 1 above, by participating in the Fair, the Visitor expresses consent referred to in Article 81 of the Act of February 4, 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights (Dz.U.2006 .90.631), to record, use and disseminate his/her image recorded in connection with participation in the Fair without additional compensation for promotional, advertising, educational purposes without time and territorial limitations in promotional, educational, informational materials, in particular in advertisements, on the Internet, in articles, reports and information reporting on the Fair, as well as for the purpose of production and presentation of photo, video and audio records of the Fair.