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SPEED-X™ DIGITAL.ID™ oven submitted by Unox

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SPEED-X™ DIGITAL.ID™ – combi steamer submitted by UNOX Polska Sp. z o.o. – was awarded in the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2023 Contest.

The oven received the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2023 statuette and an award from the “Liquid Fuels” magazine.

SPEED-X™ is the first combi oven with microwave function and automatic cleaning system. Speed combines combination cooking with microwaves and significantly reduces cooking time for sandwiches and ready meals compared to conventional ovens. Automatic washing with an integrated detergent tank simplifies cleaning, allowing you to quickly cook raw foods such as vegetables, meat, fish and more. The AISI 316L stainless steel cooking chamber, combined with the RO.Care water filtration system, allows the SPEED-X™ to be connected directly to the water supply without the need for external filtration systems even in the presence of very hard water or water with high chlorine levels.