Why to exhibit

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Showcase directly your offer

Participation in the International Fair PETROL STATION is a time for presenting your products, services and capabilities of your business. It’s time for exerting the first impression on a number of industry professionals from Poland and Central East Europe.

Reaching a wide range of industry professionals

This is a unique opportunity to meet in one place with top decision makers and specialists and to establish valuable business contacts. Exhibiting at the fair is the way to optimize costs and marketing expenses by reaching precisely decision makers and top management.

Reinforce existing relationships

The PETROL STATION International Fair is an excellent opportunity to consolidate ties and strengthen the position of your company among the existing partners in the region. Arranging formal and less formal meetings during the fair with the existing clients and presenting your range of products or services, new innovations and plans for the future, will establish image of your business as an innovative, dynamic and reliable business partner for Polish companies.

Strengthening the market position

Exhibiting at the International Fair PETROL STATION which are the oldest and largest trade fair for petrol stations, fuels and car washes, highlights your position and reputation on the market and allows you to be one step ahead of your competitors.

Benefit from strategic location

The location of the fair in Warsaw, a business hub and seat of Polish institutions, the government and the boards of many companies together with well developed infrastructure, will allow you to establish important business contacts.

Closing leads

The PETROL STATION International Fair is a great place to finalize open sales leads and to sign contracts. Making media-hype about such events exaggerate and boost the company image and interest around it. Using media buzz that follow the fair can intensify your PR activities and inform the industry, increasing interest around your company and its value.

Research about the market needs

In direct talks with professionals and decision makers it is much easier to understand the needs and requirements for product functionality and range of services on Polish and CEE markets. Fulfilling customers' expectations distinguish leaders.

Get market recognition with the fair awards

By winning the Product of the Year Award your business builds prestige, reputation and awareness of your brand on the market.

More than exhibition

The PETROL STATION International Fair is the exchange of experience and knowledge, networking and cooperation, establishing new relationships and sharing ideas. Accompanying events, including the annual Fuel Market Forum and the Entrepreneur’s Academy, shape and inspire the industry contributing to its development.