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We invite all companies related to the broadly defined gas industry (LPG, CNG, LNG, H2) to participate in the section NTG – Nowoczesne Technologie Gazowe. This year we are going to organize so called hydrogen island (wyspa wodorowa), a zone in which companies offering hydrogen technology, HRS, etc. will be able to present themselves.

We welcome, among others:

  • manufacturers of automotive gas installations,
  • manufacturers of equipment for LPG, CNG, LNG stations,
  • manufacturers of tanks, meters and other fittings and control and measuring equipment,
  • manufacturers of cylinders,
  • transport companies,
  • companies servicing autogas stations,
  • LNG, CNG and H2 related companies.
  • companies related to hydrogen technologies, HRS, etc.

We encourage you to see the report from the GasTechExpo 2023 at the International Fair PETROL STATION 2023, which appeared in the magazine

“Paliwa Płynne” (Liquid Fuels) No. 4/2023

XXVIII International Fair PETROL STATION – GasTechExpo 2023*

(article in Polish)


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