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The Fair PETROL STATION, as every year, is accompanied by the Discussion Forum “Polish Liquid Fuels Market. Selected Issues”. The organizer of this meeting is the Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels. The conference takes the form of a debate and is devoted to the current situation of the fuel sector in Poland and its most important problems and issues.

Conference accompanying the XXIX FUEL STATION 2024 Fair – May 8, 2024.

Moderator of the conference: editor Justyna Golonko
10.45 – 11.10 – Presentation of GOLDEN OKTAN statuettes – the most important award of the Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels.
11.10 – 12.50 – Challenges for the fuel industry in 2024. The future of conventional and alternative transport fuels – new technologies and perspectives.

  • Development plans for the fuel and energy market.
  • Current situation of the fuel market, energy security, impacts of sanction packages.
  • LPG in 2025 – opportunities and challenges.
  • Fuel market predictions and economic forecasts – 2024 in the face of new realities and challenges.
  • Hydrogen technology, renewable fuels, electromobility – projects and implementation.
  • Assumptions and legislative plans in view of changes in the market.
  • Presentation of ORLEN research results on gasoline for storage and production of E5, E10.